Entry #5

News! Thats Cool!

2017-04-28 22:32:54 by CCHands


Back at it with the music ! whoaaa

I am happy to present Night Sessions. A slight throw back to the techno and vocal sample based music I made long ago but with that crispy 2017 feel; Also a few new sounds that I dont really work with too. You can check it out by clicking here or on the cover art below (which I also made myself by taking a chance maco photo of a moth that was hanging out against the glass of my window ^_^)


Of cource this recent output of music also means I have a few sketchest and b-sides ill be uploading and have already uploaded some here too, so stay tuned for that ;)


P.s. You can also check out Night Sessions on my Soundcloud here if youre into that sort of thing


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