2016-12-13 07:47:20 by CCHands

I know ive already uploaded them on here but I decided to chuck it up on bandcamp too

OFFCUTS is somthing that is closely themed to the uploads I have on here, Soundsketches and throw-away-tracks that didnt really have the UMPH. But the tracks that are in this releace are, I feel, a little somthing more that what I tend to casualy give away.

" ... I usualy end up with a few tracks like this by the end of the year and Ive uploaded alot of them to my newgrounds account too. Ive deiced to pluck these tracks from my currently very bloated ableton projects folder because they feel more finished and refined over my other sound sketches and throw-away-tracks; I suppose this is what you would call a B-Side... but like a really nice B-Side ... a B+ Side :). Both tracks are instrumental, I would have liked to add some vocal samples or something but I didn't want to run the risk of over producing the tracks and turning them into something they were not.

Im gonna make this one free to download (but feel free to throw money at me if you want) as an early Christmas present for whomever comes across it."




I hope to upload a few more things before the end of the year, if not ill see your lovery people in 2017 for more sound sketches, experimentation and musical brain farts :)


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