Two in two days

2016-10-25 03:47:27 by CCHands

Ive been buuuusssssssyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, sorta

Ive mannaged to put out two new releases one week and I just think thats just dandy. One for my super serious side of production and the other for my "minimal" & "techno" series that I just kinda started doing.

First up was Gallery / Overhead

Cover art for Gallery / Overhead




















Probably the most ambient ive gone so far with CCHands for track one. I wanted to try my hand at designing music for an architectural space much like the concept for Music for Airports but much more energetic and containing alot more movment that might be contained within a Gallery housing art or sculpture etc, etc. Track two is much more clubby; Really reminded me of the old tech and electro house of several years ago, the kinds of sounds that got me into music. It was a project I dug out of my archive, not that old but old enough for me to have almost forgotten about it (definetly within the last 6 months or so). It feels super terrace and roof-top-party-esk I really like how it turned out.


Secondly: Minimal Trebuchet

Cover art for Minimal Trebuchet


This series was tottally born out of wanting to do more just straight up techno. I wanted this series to be compried of tracks that I can pretty much and mostly finish in a day and have ready to go whenever I need them. I started with Ballista and now the the addition of Trebuchet all that I really need to do is look at more different kinds of medievil and seige weapons from antiquity and make more quick tracks.


I will ofcource be uploading all of my sketch material and brainstorming tracks on here for people to gawk at and appreciate; Becuase its much better to share the music and sounds I make rather than keep them locked away on my harddrives.


Stay tuned ;)


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