Entry #1


2016-09-13 20:11:10 by CCHands

Hello citizens of Newgrounds.


Think of this profile and its audio uploads as a giant note pad for all of my musical ideas and sketches that didnt really end up becoming fully fledged songs or tracks; And rather than just let them sit on my harddrive and rot I try to pretty them up and upload them here for people to download, listen to and use in thier own works on Newgrounds or other places (with credit of cource)

I do make music in a more serious tone and I guess you could say I put the most effort into this music than what might be posted on here which you can check out at: https://cchands.bandcamp.com/ . If you like techno and darkroom music then do click through.


Thats all for now, Ill update this post with anything interesting that happens in the future.

 - CChands


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